PlayStation Blog Reveals Pyre on PS4

Pyre, a new party based role playing game by Supergiant Games has been announced on the PlayStation Blog! The reveal trailer looks very vibrant and exciting! The creativity displayed in the trailer is astonishing. View the Pyre reveal trailer below for your own eyes…

According to the PlayStation Blog, Pyre will be available to play at PAX East in booth #8212 if you have the opportunity to attend.

The main story of Pyre is that you get to lead a group of exiles through an acient competition spread across a large, mystical purgatory as described by the PlayStation Blog.

Pyre is different than the normal, it presents great graphic detail along with a new story line. The gameplay is unique, fast, and action packed as you battle rival groups of exiles who are fighting for their freedom. Supergiant Games wants to create a large cast of characters that you could grow to love through the involved story line as you play through the magical land.

The story begins with you running out of luck just when some masked wanderers discover you and bring you back to reality. You then help them learn the truth about the Rites, which is a secretive competition.

On your journey through the Downside, you meet a diverse group of characters that bring you into their story as you battle to survive.

Pyre will debut on PS4 in 2017!

Pyre 2 Pyre 3

Source: PlayStation Blog

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