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Free Ant-Man DLC from LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Available Today

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday! Like always, today is the Tuesday PlayStation Store update. Some content to mention that everyone will enjoy is the Free Marvel’s Ant-Man Character and Level Pack that is now available today, exclusively for PS4 and PS3. Everyone loves exclusive content, so lets take a look at it.

Have you ever wanted to see a miniature LEGO character or even play as one? Well, now is your chance with the new Ant-Man content! The two characters shown in the trailer, Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, look amazing! I know that I am not the only one thinking how bad ass Yellowjacket looks.

The new Ant-Man DLC gives you the opportunity to play as Scott Lang as well as transform into Scott Lang’s Ant-Man. Ant-Man gives you the capability to shrink (no surprise there!) and you can also call a swarm of ants to attack the bad guys. Not only could you shrink, but you could also turn into a Giant Ant-Man.

Here are some other playable characters to note, Darren Cross, who could become Yellowjacket, Hank Pym, who has his own Ant-Man suit, Hope Van Dyne, Luis, The Wasp, who is Janet Van Dyne, and Cassie Lang. Ant-Man’s flying ant, Ant-Thony, is also available for you to fly around on.

The mini story takes place in Pym Technologies and is narrated by Luis. You could battle through enemies and puzzles on your way to reach Yellowjacket. Along the way, multiple trophies are available to be unlocked.

I cannot wait to begin the free adventure thanks to TT Games!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. I cannot wait to download the free ant-man dlc. Does anyone know how the Marvel pass works? I am thinking about getting it to unlock the other content.

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